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Out of 140M childbirth world-wide annually, about 10% will suffer from delays in the second stage of labour, the step when the maternal effort pushes the baby out of the birth canal.

Without a clinical intervention, serious complications for mother and baby could follow.

Clinical interventions for delayed second stage of labour include instrumental delivery and possibly caesarean section. Although effective, such interventions usually require an advanced healthcare setting, and the procedures carry their own risks to both the mother and the baby.

The BirthGlide team has developed a novel simple to use, low-cost device that is designed to reduce the occurrence of delayed second stage of labour and reduce the associated complications. The device could be used in the majority of vaginal deliveries.

Meet our team

The BirthGlide team consists of world-leading obstetric opinion leaders, a senior medical device engineer, a senior IP & start-up expert, a senior finance expert and a senior healthcare commercial expert.

Professor Arri Coomarasamy


Professor Arri Coomarasamy is a Professor of Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine, and has over 210 publications in high impact journals such as the NEJM and the Lancet with over 16k citations on ResearchGate. One of his main focus of research is the prevention of maternal death during childbirth.

He has led numerous multicentre clinical trials (funded by Gates, NIHR and various charities) and is a joint director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Global Women’s Health.

Professor Ying Cheong


Professor Ying Cheong is a Professor of Reproductive Medicine and a consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She has extensive experience in initiating and conducting clinical trials and in-depth knowledge on innovation and enterprise, including start-up successes.

She is also a co-founder and medical director of Complete Fertility, UK, part of Virtus Health Group.

Dominic Davies


Dominic successfully set up Immetric Invest in 2021. Dominic is a Patent Attorney with extensive experience working with early-stage companies. Start-up successes include FlatFrog Laboratories AB, Amniotics AB, Reccan Diagnostics, and more than five other start-ups.

He has worked in IP for over 18 years in London and Sweden. His areas of technical expertise include software, electronics, telecommunications, consumer products, MedTech, diagnostic platforms, cell therapy.

Dukaydah van der berg

Board member

Dukaydah graduated from the University of Cape Town, and completed her GP training in the UK where she has currently been practising for just under two decades. Her special interest has primarily been in women’s health and education. She was a founding trustee of Ammalife, a UK-registered charity helping to reduce maternal death in low-income countries.

She continues to support fundraising endeavours for numerous charities sharing a similar vision. Being a mother of three daughters, Dukaydah holds a personal passion in BirthGlide’s mission.

Richard Jameson

Board member

Richard has more than 30 years experience in commercial roles on pharmaceuticals and medical devices including time in obstetrics and gynaecology working with both start up organisations and with new product launches.

He is currently Chief Commercial Office for Camurus AB and is responsible for leading the commercial organisation in Camurus’ markets and for driving the strategy and continued build-up of the commercial infrastructure across EU, Australia, and MENA. Prior to this he has held roles in general management, marketing, market access and sales.

Pam Stentiford

Board Member

Pam is a chartered management accountant with experience in leading investment projects for the UK government, ranging in scale from supporting small start-ups to major national infrastructure and deal-making with regional governments.

She has worked extensively in UK government finance, with both private and public sector partners, and across a number of government departments and cross-government projects.

Nick Guo

CEO & Board member

Nick is a multidisciplinary engineer with an MSc in Bionanotechnology from the University of Southampton and an MEng in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London.

He has led the development of several medical devices, such as an intra-uterine implantable sensing system and a wearable continuous glucose monitoring system. Having worked in multiple start-ups, Nick is experienced in company operation, project management, regulatory, and quality management systems.

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